Shengsite 72W LED Grow Light Tube, LED Grow Light Bulbs for Greenhouse, Indoor Plants and Hydroponic Garden, Industrial Grade Growing Lamps



Input/Output VoltageAC100~264V/DC45~60V
Output Current300mA
Working Frequency50~60Hz
Actual Power18W
Theoretical Power29W
Working Environment-20~40℃,45%~95%RH
Illuminance1350lux/0.3m,960 lux/0.5m
PAR55umol/0.25m, 40umol/0.3m
Luminous Flux610lm
Lifespan50000 H
Coverage Area1/0.5m,2.5 ㎡/1m
LED Beads144PCS
LED Colors RatioRed/Blue/White=4:1:1
Product/Package Size1000*25*10MM/
Package Included1 x LED Grow Light,1x Power plug

Bullet Point

1.Professional structure and shape design, beautiful and light;Glue waterproof;

2.Environmental protection and energy saving, 80% energy saving than traditional lights, free of mercury and other heavy metal substances;

3.High light efficiency, 90% of light is absorbed by plants, while traditional lamps can only absorb 8-10% of light;

4.Revolutionary heat dissipation design to effectively alleviate internal thermal cycling;

5.No need for glass, convenient and fast, light to reduce transportation costs;

6.External power supply for easy installation and maintenance;

7.Through the design of large angle and high efficiency optical lens, the light utilization rate is higher and the light efficiency is better;

8.Under the same parameters of the lights, the cover area and height of lamps are variable according to different plants and environments;

9.Customers can choose different ratios of beads, and can also add UV and IR leds. We recommend the ratio of red: blue 5:1

10.We recommend the red wavelength is 630-660nm, the blue wavelength is 460-470nm,The red light is good for plant germination and flowering, and the blue light is for plant growth. Customers can also Choose your own suitable wavelength and color.

Product Application

Suitable for all kinds of plant growth,flowering,and fruit.Widely apply to plant factory,greenhouse farming,flower farming, indoor gardens and so on.


1).Make sure the product is used under normal environment during use.

2).Do not touch or knock the product while it is working.

3).This product is not waterproof,avoid of water.

4).The above product parameters are the parameters of the conventional proportion of the lamp (red light: blue light = 8:1). For reference only, customers can choose different lamp bead ratio according to their own needs.

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